How much energy does a fridge use?

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Refrigerator is one of the very few devices who are designed to run non-stop, 24/7. No wonder that they account for about 13% of a household’s energy use.

While reducing refrigerator usage would be a feat, you can reduce the energy consumption by choosing an energy-efficient fridge and changing some of the popular bad habits that you may also have.

Not so long ago, in the 1980s, an average refrigerator consumed 1,400 kWh per year. Present-day models are far more efficient with their average annual enegry usage of about 350 kWh. However, if your fridge has a freezer compartment, the energy consumption may double.

You will find the information about the estimated annual energy usage of your refrigerator on the EU Energy Label. Remember that the bigger the fridge, the higher the energy consumption, no matter how efficient the given model is, so don’t jugde appliances by that figure only. A far more reliable factor are the efficiency classes (from the most effective: A+++ to the least effective: D), which clear up the volume bias.

Did you know?

Leaving the fridge door open while you unpack your grocery shopping bags accounts for about 7% of the refrigerator’s total energy consumption as 30% of cooled air escapes.

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Opinions - How much energy does a fridge use?


Opinions - How much energy does a fridge use?


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