Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you fry fish?

Fried fish, with its trademark golden batter on the outside and juicy meat chunks inside, is a component of the classic,...

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Daily life matters

How long does 2nd Class mail delivery take?

Sometimes the mail you send is not that urgent or valuable. Why not save up on delivery fees then? The most pocket friendly...

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Units and measurements

How many days, weeks and months are there in a quarter?

The word quarter in the sense of a period of three months, or else ¼ of the year, has been first recorded in English language...

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Sizes and dimensions

Business card sizes

Business cards are an indispensable part of every businessman’s professional image. They have a long tradition which dates...

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Daily life matters

How long does international money transfer take?

Time is of the essence when you are sending money abroad. How soon the funds will be available for the recipient depends...

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Baggage allowance

The last thing you would want at the airport is to exceed luggage allowance limits. That would mean paying extra charge or...

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Daily life matters

How much energy does a TV use?

When television was first invented in the 20th century, little did anyone know, how great its impact on future generations...

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How many continents are there on Earth?

A seemingly banal, primary school-level question: How many continents are there on Earth? may not be so banal, after all....

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Units and measurements

How many zeros, billions and millions are there in a trillion?

Confusion about billions and trillions is understandable, as their meaning changed in 1975, when Chancellor Denis Healey...

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Sizes and dimensions

Number plates’ size in UK

In the United Kingdom, displaying number plates on motor vehicles has been mandatory since 1903.

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