How long is a flight from UK to Cape Verde?

Cape Verde, or properly: Republic of Cabo Verde, is a picturesque country situated on an archipelago of over 10 volcanic...

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Sizes and dimensions

USA clothes and shoe sizes

If you are planning on shopping in the USA, you need to know that American clothes sizing standards are even more loosely...

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Daily life matters

How much energy does a TV use?

When television was first invented in the 20th century, little did anyone know, how great its impact on future generations...

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How much does scrapping a car cost?

After your car has drawn its last breath of gas, there comes the time to dispose of it. Some time ago, the owner of the car...

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Daily life matters

How long does 2nd Class mail delivery take?

Sometimes the mail you send is not that urgent or valuable. Why not save up on delivery fees then? The most pocket friendly...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you fry minced meat?

Quick to prepare, comforting, filling and tasty: minced meat combines all of these advantages, which makes it a perfect base...

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Units and measurements

How much disk drive space does Windows 7 take?

As of August 2016, reports indicate that Windows 7 is currently the most popular operating system installed on personal desktop...

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Largest counties in UK

Ceremonial counties of England have their roots in the historic counties, which date back to the ancient cultural divisions...

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Units and measurements

1 centimetre: how many millimetres, metres, kilometres?

A centimetre is a unit of length derived from a metre: one of the basic units in SI (metric) system. Also, it was one of...

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Sizes and dimensions

Children’s clothes sizes in UK

The chances are, that quite a few years have passed since you were wearing children’s clothes sizes yourself. It is also...

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