How much does a cubic meter of gas cost?

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The average energy bills in UK households have been rising in the past years. Experts claim that increasing wholesale gas prices are to blame.

As a result, prices per kWh in 2017 will range from around 3p to 12p (excluding VAT) depending on a provider. Average conversion rate from kWh to cubic meters is 11.187, so 1m3 of gas is going to cost between 33,5p to £1,35.

Gas unit prices are one thing but there are many other factors which affect the total amount you need to pay.

Apart from the cost of energy units that you have used, standing charge apply. This means that you need to pay for being connected to the network and for conservation of your line, too. Standing charges vary greatly, from £56 up to even £130, and depend on a tariff you have chosen.

Energy providers usually offer several tariffs so that you can choose the type of payment that suits your needs and lifestyle best. E.g. you may decide if you wish to pay your bill monthly or every 3 months. Or, you can choose a tariff which guarantees fixed prices per energy unit.

Are you worrying about energy prices? There are a few ways to lower your gas bill. For example, you can do so by selecting Direct Debit payment, which means that the amount due will be automatically taken from your bank account. Another pocket-friendly option is choosing one provider of both gas and electricity, so called Dual Fuel tariff.

Did you know?

Average gas consumption per household in UK is 12.500 kWh and the annual bill ranges between £412- £437, depending on a provider. It is estimated that around 1 million of customers switched to smaller energy providers between 2015 and 2016.

How much do you pay for gas? Have you got any tips for lowering your bill?





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