How much water does a shower use?

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You have probably heard a number of times that taking a shower rather than a bath helps you save water. Well, here’s a surprise for you: it may not necessarily be the truth.

If you have considered shower an eco- and pocket-friendly alternative to traditional bath, you may want to have a look at the figures below.

It turns out that whether you save water or not depends on your way of taking a shower. And so, you’d be better off washing in your good old bath rather then using a continuous stream of water in the high-pressure ‘power shower’. If you add other features like hydro-massage (ca. 10l/min), incredible amounts of water go into waste.

However, if you opt for a really quick shower (less than average 7 minutes) and use a standard shower head you can, indeed, save both water and your money.


  Estimated water use
Average Bath 80 - 100l
Power shower (7 minutes) 119 - 175l  (17 - 25 litres per minute)
Average shower (7 minutes) 42- 98l (6 - 14 litres per minute)
‘Navy shower’ 30 - 35l



Still, the most economical way to wash yourself is a, so called, “navy shower”. This method of showering originated on the naval ships, where water supplies were limited and wastefulness wasn’t allowed. The crew was instructed to turn off the water in the middle part of the shower: during lathering.

If you want to model yourself after the sailors’ frugality, here are four easy steps to a navy shower:

1. Turn the water on to wet your skin and hair.
2. Turn off the tap.
3. Apply your shower gel and scrub yourself all you want.
4. Turn the water on again only to rinse.

This way you can still enjoy home SPA treatments like peelings, shaving etc. without worrying about water bills and your environmental impact.

Did you know?

There is a number of shower accessories which can help you save water like a flow restrictor or aerated shower head. While the first one is rather self-explanatory, the latter helps you create higher pressure with less water by infusing water stream with oxygen.

What are your tips for saving water in the shower?





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