How long does 1st Class mail delivery take?

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Nowadays we can get almost everything we could think of right away. Take fast food or e-mails as examples. Why should traditional mail be any different? Luckily it can keep up with the pace of modern life.

If you don’t want your recipient to wait for too long or simply can’t wait to unwrap that special something you ordered online then 1st Class mail service is a thing for you.

It usually takes only 1 working day (including Saturdays) for your letter to be delivered even to the most remote place in UK. It’s 1-2 days faster in comparison to 2nd Class economy mail.

Of course, choosing fast delivery means that you will have to pay extra. Nevertheless, the price will not strain your budget too much if you are sending just a single letter, not bulk quantities of them. What’s more, it’s good to know that the prices are graded in several categories dependent on weight and size of your letter. Sending the smallest items like postcards via 1st Class will cost you less than a pound.


2nd Class mail 2-3 working days including Saturdays
1st Class mail 1 working day including Saturdays


Did you know?

If one day is still not fast enough for you, there are special ‘same day’ services available. As the name suggests, your letter or parcel will reach its destination the same day provided that you send it in the morning.

What about you? Do you usually choose 1st Class or 2nd Class? Which do you prefer: economy or express delivery? Share your opinion below!

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Opinions - How long does 1st Class mail delivery take?


Opinions - How long does 1st Class mail delivery take?


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