How long does 2nd Class mail delivery take?

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Sometimes the mail you send is not that urgent or valuable. Why not save up on delivery fees then? The most pocket friendly way to send your letters is 2nd Class, with prices starting from below £1.

Although 2nd Class delivery takes quite a bit longer than 1st Class, it still doesn’t take ages. 2nd Class delivery usually arrives within 2-3 working days including Saturdays. To compare, 1st Class letters are delivered on the next working day.

The biggest advantage of 2nd Class service is its price. You can send small letters like greeting cards for less than a pound and you still count on a compensation cover included in that price.


2nd Class mail 2-3 working days including Saturdays
1st Class mail 1 working day including Saturdays


Did you know?

The delivery price of your letter depends on which weight and size ranges it falls into. There are several categories from envelopes weighing less than 100g up to 20kg boxes. By measuring and weighing your item at home you can determine the fee ahead of visiting the post office.

What about you? Do you send greeting cards and thank you notes through the post? Do you choose 2nd Class then?





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