How much do scrap metals cost?

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If you have some scrap metal at home, don’t throw into trash. You can turn it into gold instead. Figuratively speaking, of course, unless you’ve possessed alchemists’ secret.

Recycling things such as old wires, kitchen utensils, containers etc. is easy money. Selling metals at a scrap yard is a win-win for your budget and the environment.

How much money can you expect to be paid for particular metals? Below you will find estimated UK prices (as for 2017):


Metal:Estimated price per kg:
Aluminium £0.30- £1.50
Copper £3.60- £3.90
Iron £0.04- £0.08
Steel (heavy) £0.05- £0.14
Steel (stainless) £0.55- £1.00


The prices depend on many factors. One thing you certainly have influence on (and which can make you earn more) is proper preparation of metals. For example, stripped copper wire costs twice or even three times as much as the insulated one. To get the best price, always disassemble the items, remove any non-metal elements and sort your metals into type groups.

Did you know?

Scrap yards are likely to ask you to group your metals into ferrous and non-ferrous. You can easily check what kind of metal you have in your hands with help of a magnet. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a professional, hand held magnet. A fridge magnet will do the job just as well. If the magnet sticks to the metal, then you have a ferrous type. If not, you are lucky, as you are typically going to be paid more for non-ferrous metal types.

Have you ever recycled metal at a scrap yard before? How can you get the best price?

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Opinions - How much do scrap metals cost?


Opinions - How much do scrap metals cost?


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