How long does recorded 2nd Class mail delivery take?

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Recorded 2nd Class service may be an option for you if you are a well-organized person who’s planning ahead and sending important documents well before deadline.

In other words, you may want to choose recorded 2nd Class when you don’t mind waiting a couple of days for delivery but want to be sure it will fall into the right hands when it eventually arrives.

Most of recorded 2nd Class letters are delivered within 3 working days including Saturdays. It’s 2 days longer in comparison to recorded 1nd Class mail. Still, recorded 2nd Class is a slightly cheaper option you may want to choose if your mail isn’t urgent.

It’s good to know that recorded 2nd Class is just as safe as recorded 1st Class. Both of them require the recipient to provide a postman with their personal signature upon receiving the letter. This procedure is called ‘a confirmation of delivery’. For maximum control over your mail, you will be notified via text or Royal Mail website when it reaches its destination.


Recorded 2nd Class mail 2-3 working days including Saturdays
Recorded 1st Class mail 1 working day including Saturdays


Did you know?

In case your letter gets lost, the maximum compensation cover amount for recorded 2nd Class and recorded 1st Class is the same.

Do your recorded 2nd Class letters always arrive within 3 days? What’s your experience? Share your thoughts below!





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