How long does international money transfer take?

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Time is of the essence when you are sending money abroad. How soon the funds will be available for the recipient depends on the type of transfer and the country you are shipping the money to.

The fastest way is to send money to be picked up as cash. If you choose this option, the transferred funds will usually be available for the recipient within a couple of minutes regardless of a country.

If you send money to a foreign bank account, you will have to wait from a few working hours up to 4 working days. Remember that transfer time is affected by bank holidays in both UK and the recipient’s country. Another factors include currencies involved in process and local transfer regulations.


How long does international money transfer from UK take?

International cash transfer

Transfer to foreign bank account

A couple of minutes

A few hours to e.g.: Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala

1 day to e.g. India, Europe, China, Australia, USA

1-2 days to e.g. Japan, Canada

up to 4 days to e.g. Thailand, Africa



Did you know?

You can send money abroad either online or in person in the agent’s office and you don’t need to create a new account.

Have you ever sent money abroad? What’s your experience with international money transfers? Share your thoughts in comments below!





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