How long does 1st Class parcel delivery take?

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When sending parcels, time of delivery usually matters to everyone. Whether you are sending gifts to your nearest and dearest or you’ve treated yourself to something special in your favourite online shop one thing is certain: you can’t wait for your precious box to arrive.

In cases such as mentioned above, 1st Class service seems like a good option. 1st Class parcels usually arrives the next working day including Saturdays. To compare, 2nd Class parcels take up to 3 working days.

Remember that you can make your 1st Class delivery safer by adding ‘recorded’ option if you are sending valuable objects. By doing so, you can count on a higher compensation cover and the recipient will have to sign a ‘confirmation of delivery’when claiming the parcel.

Can’t wait to the next day? There is a solution. You can speed up the delivery by choosing the ‘same day’ option. The name is rather self-explanatory: if you send your parcel in the morning, it should reach the recipient the same day in the afternoon.


1st Class parcel 1 working day including Saturdays
2nd Class parcel 2-3 working days including Saturdays


Did you know?

Prices of 1st Class delivery depend on the size of your parcel. There are several categories: letter, lare letter, small parcel and medium parcel. The limits for a small parcel are 2kg, 45x35x16cm while medium parcels can weigh up to 20kg and measure no more than 61x46x46cm.

Good news is that prices don’t depend on the distance, which means that you can send your parcel even to the outskirts of U.K. with no additional fee.

When was the last time you sent or received 1st Class parcel? What are you usually sending? You are more than welcome to comment below.

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Opinions - How long does 1st Class parcel delivery take?


Opinions - How long does 1st Class parcel delivery take?


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