How long is a flight from UK to Thailand?

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If you are looking for a perfect place to get away from it all, search no more. Thailand will take your mind off the problems by keeping you busy day and night thanks to its unique combination of traditional culture and vibrant nightlife.

But before you arrive at your oriental holiday destination, you will need to cover a vast distance of 9540km (5929 mi)! How long is a flight to Thailand going to take, then?

If you opt for a direct flight from London to Bangkok, you need to brace yourself for an overnight flight. Depending on the airlines, the direct route from UK to Thailand takes between 11 and 12 hours.

If you prefer to depart from other city than London (or arrive somewhere else in Thailand than Bangkok), you need to count in at least one stopover, for example:


Departure from:StopoverDestinationEstimated total flight time
(waiting time between flights not included)
Manchester Abu Zabi (7h 10min) Bangkok (6h 05min) 13h 15min
Edinburgh Doha (6h 55min) Bangkok (6h 15min) 13h 05min
Leeds Amsterdam (1h 15min) Bangkok (10h 35 min) 11h 50min
Aberdeen Paris (2h) Bangkok (10h 55 min) 12h 55min
Cardiff Paris (1h 25min) Bangkok (10h 55 min) 12h 05min
London Kuala Lumpur (13h) Phuket (1h 25min) 14h 25min



Did you know?

In Thailand, different colours are traditionally assigned to each day of the week. You can see many people wearing clothes which correspond to the day’s colour:

- Monday: yellow
- Tuesday: pink
- Wednesday: green
- Thursday: orange/brown
- Friday: light blue
- Saturday: purple/black
- Sunday: red

Have you heard of any other interesting Thai customs?

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Opinions - How long is a flight from UK to Thailand?


Opinions - How long is a flight from UK to Thailand?


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