How long is a flight from UK to Australia?

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If you are planning to visit the Land Down Under, brace yourself for a long and exhausting journey topped up with a jet lag.

The distance from London to Perth is 14,898 km as the crow flies but, as for today, there are no direct flights from UK to Australia. That means that you need to count in some extra kilometres, depending on the stopover destination of your choice. How long does covering such a great distance take?

Typically, a flight to Australia with one stopover takes ca. 24 hours. Hovewer, some poeple decide not to rush from one plane straight to another. Instead, they prefer to take advantage of an exotic stopover site. Popular interlandings include: Manila, Borneo, Mauritius, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Texas, Shanghai, Beijing.

It’s good to know that a stopover in China comes with an added bonus. Without having to go through the long procedure of applying for a visa, you can stay in cities such as Beijing, Guzngzhou and Shanghai for 72 hours in between flights. You won’t be allowed to leave the city but you are not likely to get bored with Forbidden City or the Great Wall in vicinity.

Recently, some interesting news were released: a direct connection between London and Perth is going to be launched in March 2018. It is going to be the second farthest direct flight in the world (right after Delhi - San Francisco: 15,300 km). The future passengers will need to prepare themselves for a 17-hour long, non-stop flight.

Did you know?

In 1947 the Kangaroo Route took four days to complete and the journey was broken by 9 stopovers!

2018 direct flight is going to be a great progress in comparison to year 1947. Nevertheless, to endure such a long journey without being able to stretch your legs would be a feat.

If you were to fly to Australia, would you opt for economy or business class with regulated seats and more room for your legs?





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