How long does a flight from UK to Dubai take?

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If you fancy both city breaks and luxurious, exotic holiday destinations, then Dubai is certainly the perfect place for you.

Before you arrive at the paradise city where tradition meets innovation, there will be quite a lengthy flight ahead of you. How long exactly does it take to get to Dubai from UK?

Precise timing depends on the city of departure but, on average, the flight from UK to Dubai takes 7 hours.

There are 5 popular direct flight routes to Dubai from UK: London (both Stansted and Heathrow airports), Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne. One way ticket prices typically vary from around £255 to £868.


City of departure:Estimated fight time to Dubai (DXB)
London 6 hours 45 minutes
Manchester 7 hours
Birmingham 6 hours 50 minutes
Glasgow 7 hours 25 minutes
Newcastle upon Tyne 7 hours 15 minutes


If you don’t mind stopovers, you can book a flight from cities such as Aberdeen, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Nottingham or Norwich, too. If you opt for a pocket-friendly solution, then a stopover in Eastern Europe might help you save some money. However, if you book a direct flight as early as 20 weeks before departure, you may count on attractive prices, too.

Dubai is a popular international business destination, so it is also possible to book a private charter jet flight to ensure the highest comfort.

Did you know?

If you are thinking about your transfer from the airport to the city, then there are a few options for you:

1. Metro - running every ten minutes from the early morning (apart from Fridays) till midnight, two air-conditioned metro lines will get you to majority of tourist destinations. Metro tickets are available at the airport.

2. Bus - you will find the bus stations opposite Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Remember to purchase a special bus card in advance as the driver won’t accept cash. You can buy one in Dubai Airport Arrivals Area.

3. Taxi - there are signs at the airport which are going to lead you to the taxi stands. Dubai taxis are cream colour (if you see a pink roof, you can expect a female driver).

4. Car rental - there is a number of car rental services outside Terminals 1, 2 and 3.





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