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The last thing you would want at the airport is to exceed luggage allowance limits. That would mean paying extra charge or removing some of your belongings if you want to board the plane. To avoid such inconveniences, it is vital to check the luggage policy of the airlines you are going to fly with.

Luggage limits depend on the given airlines, your flight destination, ticket class and a number of other factors. Moreover, all airlines have their own list of the objects which you can take on board free of charge (e.g. collapsible wheelchairs and strollers) as well as forbidden objects (such as weapons etc.).

The table below presents luggage allowances for a selection of airlines (as for 2017), based on assumption that you are going to book a standard (economy class) flight. Remember that the data below is meant to serve as an example only and that baggage policies may change over time. It is always best to check the official website of the airlines of your choice.

Cabin bags
Hold luggage
Additional information
Size limit
Weight limit
Extra luggage allowed (examples)
Size limit[cm]
Weight limit
(incl. wheels and handles)
Umbrella, crutches, walking stick, overcoat, one shopping bag of duty free goods
Max. total size: under 275

(length x width x height)


(up to 32kg for extra charge)
*For some types of flights, one extra under seat bag is allowed

(57x54x15 for foldable garment bags)
one small bag 30x40x10

One piece of baby equipment (stroller, car seat, carrier etc.),
walking aids, wheelchair
Max. total size: under 158

(length x width x height)


(up to 32kg for extra charge)
*For Business. Premium Economy and First Class you can take 2 or 3  32kg bags
one small bag



Baby bag up to 5kg + 2 pieces of equipment such as a car seat, a stroller
15kg or 20kg
*You can share your baggage allowance with other passengers with whom you check in together


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