How long is a flight from UK to USA?

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It is estimated that around 3.8 million British people travel to the United States every year. With no language barriers and no visas required for UK citizens, such popularity is hardly surprising.

The average bird fly distance of 6,848 kilometres between UK and USA can be covered by airplane or a ferry. Some people opt for a 6-day transatlantic cruise but, considering its duration and the average price of £1000, the vast majority of British tourists choose aircrafts over ships.

There is a variety of flight destinations to choose from when you are travelling from England to the USA, with prices ranging from about £270 to £870. Below you will find a list of direct flights from London (both airports) to a number of locations in the USA along with the average flight duration:


Direct flights from London to:Estimated flight duration
New York 7 hours
Chicago 8 hours
Los Angeles 11+ hours
Dallas 10+ hours
Atlanta 9 hours
Washington 8 hours
San Francisco 11+ hours
Houston 11+ hours
Charlotte 9 hours
Seattle 9 hours
Denver 9 hours
Boston 7 hours
Las Vegas 10+ hours
Miami 10 hours
Phoenix 11 hours
Philadelphia 8+ hours
Detroit 9 hours
Minneapolis 9+ hours
Orlando 9+ hours


Did you know?

British citizens can visit the USA visa-free (under the Visa Waiver Program: VWP) for up to 90 days unless they want to apply for a job, university etc.

Have you already been to the USA? Which state would you like to visit? Would you rather travel by plane or ferry?





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