How much does getting a tattoo cost?

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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? If you already have an image of your perfect motif in mind, you may now be wondering about some of the more down-to-earth aspects like: how much is it going to cost?

It is unlikely to get the exact quote, even when you consult the details with a tattoo artist, as you are usually charged per hour of work. So, the more time-consuming a tattoo is, the more expensive it will get.

The lowest starting price you can expect in UK is £30 and there is virtually no upper limit. Large tattoos can cost even as much as £1000.

There is a number of factors which affect the ultimate price of your tattoo. Some of them are:

- catalogue motif or custom motif (tattooists charge for designing)
- size
- body part (it costs more to get a tattoo on sensitive body pats like ribs, neck or breasts)
- black or color ink
- shading
- experience and reputation of the tattoo artist
- location of tattoo salon (prices tend to be higher in big cities, especially London)

As much as you would be tempted to save up on your tattoo, don’t let the price dictate your choice of a design or tattoo salon. Remember that you usually get a tattoo for life unless it’s just a temporary henna. Of course you can get a cover up tatto or a laser removal done but this means further costs and pain to endure.

Did you know?

Not sure if  you are up for a permanent body modification? Why not try temporary henna tattoos. Their prices typically range from £100 to £400. This kind of body art is especially popular with Indian women who get traditional wedding henna, typically on their hands and ankles. Sometimes they adorn their pregnant bellies with intricate motifs, too, which is known as ‘Belly Blessing”. No wonder the custom is getting more and more popular with other cultures, as henna patterns are eye-catching yet still subtle and feminine. These are perfect for a photo session or just your own pleasure.

What about you? Are you a henna or ink lover? Or maybe neither kind of tattoo is your cup of tea?





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