How long do you fry minced meat?

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Quick to prepare, comforting, filling and tasty: minced meat combines all of these advantages, which makes it a perfect base of midweek dinners.

Mince goes especially well with pasta dishes as well as in tortillas and pies. How long do you need to fry it to enjoy tasty sauces and fillings?

Frying time depends on the kind of minced meat you use. The most popular types include: beef, pork, lamb and chicken. As a rule, poultry cooks quicker than red meat. Also, loose mince (e.g. for spaghetti sauce) needs less time in a pan than structured dishes such as meatballs.

The table below presents estimated frying times for minced meat.

Frying time
Minced chicken
4-6 minutes
Minced pork, beef, lamb
6-10 minutes
Poultry meatballs
8 minutes on each side or until golden brown
Pork/ beef/ lamb meatballs
10 minutes on each side or until golden brown
Beef burger
4-5 minutes on each side

- Remember that the bigger the meatballs, the longer the cooking time!
- Avoid small saucepans when frying mince because a thick layer of meat won’t cook through properly.

Did you know?

If you have forgotten to defrost minced meat overnight, don’t worry. You can cook it into a spaghetti sauce straight from frozen. Place the frozen mince in a saucepan on low heat, add two spoonfuls of water to prevent it from burning and let it warm up slowly. Scrape off defrosted layers as you go.

What is your favourite dish incorporating mince? Share your recipe below!

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Opinions - How long do you fry minced meat?


Opinions - How long do you fry minced meat?


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