How long do you fry fish?

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Fried fish, with its trademark golden batter on the outside and juicy meat chunks inside, is a component of the classic, all-time English favourite fish&chips.

Although it’s more greasy and calorific than, e.g. baked fish, everyone can indulge in a special treat from time to time. Below you will find tips on how to prepare a delicious fried fish at home.

The key to the perfect golden crust on your fried fish is the right timing. Cooking times depend on whether you are going to shallow- or deep-fry:

Frying time
Pan-frying fresh fish fillets
3-4 minutes on each side
Pan-frying fish fillets/fish fingers from frozen
7 minutes on one side, 4-5 minutes on the other
Deep frying fish chunks in batter
2-3 minutes in 350-375oC


- Don’t cover the pan during and after frying or else the batter is going to turn out sticky and wet instead of crunchy.
- You can drain the excess oil by placing fish on kitchen towel before serving.
- For a mild flavour, soak fish in milk 2-3 hours before frying.
- Remember to heat oil properly before frying, otherwise the fish will stick to the pan and take in more grease.

Did you know?

Frying involves extra hot oil, which poses a serious danger if handled improperly. You can prevent oil splashes by purchasing a splash guard, which has a form of a screen or a round net intended for placing over a frying pan.

If oil catches fire, remember that you mustn’t try to put it out with water as it will make burning oil splash in all directions! The proper way to handle grease fire is to put something on top of the pan to cut off oxygen supply.





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