How to cook hot dog sausages?

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Everyone has their favourite way of preparing hot dog sausages. Whether you prefer your hot dogs simmered, fried or microwaved, you surely don’t want to overcook them.

Below you will find estimated time of preparation, depending on the type of sausages. Remember that the exact time of cooking may vary from brand to brand, so it’s always best to follow the preparation instructions provided on the back of the package.

TIP:  When heating canned hot dogs in the microwave, you will get the best results if you place the hot dogs together with brine in a microwave dish and cover it with cling film. This way your sausages won’t lose their moisture.

Hot dog sausages type
Hob (simmering water)
Microwave 750 watt
Microwave 850 Watt
Frying pan
(shallow frying)
5 minutes
1 minute 30 seconds
1 minute 15 seconds
Defrost before frying unless the instruction tells you otherwise
3 minutes
30 seconds
25 seconds
4 minutes; turn frequently
Canned, in brine
1 minute
2 minutes (with brine)
1 minute 45 seconds (with brine)
3 minutes; turn frequently

Did you know?

You can still enjoy hot dogs even if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. There are meat-free soy hot dogs available in supermarkets. The added bonus is that vegetarian sausages are lower in fat and calories than the traditional ones. Enjoy!

Have you already tried vegan hot dogs? Or do you prefer to stick to the traditional variant?





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