How long do you fry chicken?

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Among various ways to prepare chicken, frying is renown for being a quick and easy way to achieve the crispy, golden crust and the juicy inside. There are two basic methods of frying chicken: pan-frying or deep-fat frying. Whichever way you choose, determining the right cooking time and temperature is crucial to avoid the common problem: raw inside and burnt outside. So, how do you go about frying chicken?

First of all, you will need a meat thermometer and a regular kitchen thermometer because maintaining the steady oil temperature is key. Remember that the cooking time depends on the size of chicken parts that you use. Obviously, the larger the pieces, the longer the frying time. Because the sizes vary, it is hard to give the exact cooking times and ‘Is it already done?’ is the question you are probably going to ask yourself every single time, no matter how many recipes you have read. That is why a thermometer comes in handy.

The best way to check the chicken’s doneness is to simply insert the meat thermometer. You may assume that your chicken is ready when the thermometer reads about 76oC inside the chicken breasts and 82oC for the remaining parts such as legs etc.

The approximate cooking times for popular chicken meals are as follows:

Stir-fried chicken cubes
4-5 minutes
High heat
Deep-fat fried wings
6-10 minutes
Deep-fat fried drumsticks
10-15 minutes

Remember not to use any wet utensils when handling fried chicken. Water makes hot oil splash, which poses a safety hazard!

Did you know?

You should avoid eating undercooked meat not only because of the taste qualities but, most of all, because of the potential risk of food poisoning. It is estimated that 15% of poultry may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, young children and elderly people. According to food safety suggestions, the internal temperature of fried chicken should reach at least 74oC to ensure that the germs are killed.

What are your tips to make sure that the chicken is cooked through?





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