How long do you fry beef?

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Some experts postulate that you should reduce your consumption of red meat, while at the same time the others recommend beef as a good source of protein, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12.

As the ongoing debate over red meat isn’t likely to cease in the nearest future, beef lovers would probably benefit from balancing meat consumption with plenty of vegetables and preparing meals from grass-fed beef. Once you’ve bought a good-quality piece of beef, there is a variety of meals that you can prepare from it.

For fast midweek meals, stir-fries are an easy way to cook a sumptuous meal within 20 minutes.

Beef cubes (stir-frying)
3-4 minutes, medium-high heat

If you are into classic steaks, things get a bit more complicated. But extra effort is definitely worth the sumptuous feast. The biggest challenge when it comes to steaks is to get the perfect timing, because there is nothing worse than a pink center if you are a fan of well-done steaks – or the other way round.

If you are a beginner cook and have trouble judging the degree of doneness but haven’t got a meat thermometer, you can try a fun touch test. All you need to do is touch parts of your face: a rare steak is supposed to feel like a relaxed cheek, medium-rare corresponds to the slight resistance of your chin, while a well-done steak is as hard as your forehead or the tip of your nose.

Approx. frying time for a 3.5cm thick steak
What does it feel like?
Internal temperature [oC]
2-2.5 minutes on each side
3-4 minutes on each side
4-5 minutes on each side
Forehead / tip of the nose

Did you know?

There are two other versions of the touch test in which you touch the areas of your palm.

1. Feel the area at the base of your thumb when you:
    touch your thumb to the middle finger ---> rare
    touch your thumb to the ring finger --> medium
    touch your thumb to the pinky ---> well-done

2. Feel the area of your palm between your thumb and index finger when you:
    curl your fingers ----> rare
    make a loose fist ---> medium
    clench your fist tightly ---> well-done

Have you heard about any other variants of the touch test? Do you prefer rare, medium or well-done steaks?





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