How long do you cook mushrooms?

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Everyday classics such as English breakfast, pizza and risotto couldn’t do without mushrooms. Thanks to their distinctive, earthy flavour, mushrooms make a tasty addition to a number of dishes.

Skilled chefs are familiar with a great variety of mushroom species but, as for everyday use, the most popular types include: white mushrooms, portobello, chestnut and shiitake.

How long should you cook mushrooms to bring out their best flavour and aroma? Cooking times vary depending on the type of mushrooms you use. For example, wild mushrooms need longer heat treatment than regular mushrooms. When it comes to the most common mushroom varieties such as chestnut or white caps, estimated preparation times are as follows:

Boiling from frozen
Stir-frying from frozen
10 minutes and up
15 minutes and up
5-15 minutes
15-20 minutes
40 minutes / 180oC

Did you know?

- When preparing mushrooms, avoid soaking them in water. The quicker the wash, the better. If mushrooms absorb too much water, they won’t brown while frying or baking.
- Mushrooms absorb oils just as they do water. It’s a good idea to use a non-stick pan and good quality oil for frying funghi.
- White mushrooms are sold as buttons, cups and flats according to their age. Flats are the most mature, with the most intense flavour.
- Try frying breaded mushrooms for a quick snack.

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Opinions - How long do you cook mushrooms?


Opinions - How long do you cook mushrooms?


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