1 Kelvin to Celsius conversion

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Kelvin is one of the base units in the metric [SI] system, used for measuring temperature.

 It has its null point at the absolute zero (-273.15°C), the temperature at which, according to thermodynamics, the particles have the minimal vibration (in a sense of the lowest energy). 273.16 K (or 0.01°C) is the, so called, triple point of water, the only temperature at which water can exist in three states: liquid, solid (ice) and gas (vapour).

Kelvin is abbreviated to K, in which it differs from the commonly used degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Kelvins are not referred to as ‘degrees’ because they regarded as absolute units of measure, unlike degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit which are based on rather arbitrary points of reference. There is no such thing as sub zero temperature in the Kelvin scale, as it has the absolute zero temperature at its null point.

The conversion formulae from kelvins to degrees Celsius and the other way round are:

[°C] = [K] - 273.15

[K] = [°C] + 273.15

So, 1 Kelvin equals -273.15°C

Did you know?

The Kelvin scale is named after Lord Kelvin (birth name William Thomson), a 19th century Irish-Scots physicist who formulated the first and the second law of thermodynamics. He gained a honorary title of a Lord in recognition of his achievements in the field of physics.





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