1 rood: how many perches, square miles, square yards, square inches, cm2, m2, km2, hectares?

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Rood is an English unit of area (and an obsolete measure of length) which has been in common use up to the 20th century.

It was originally established as a rectangular piece of land with dimensions of 10x40 rods (also known as ‘poles’; 1 rod = 5.5 yd or 5.0292 m).

Below you will find other conversions from rood to imperial and metric units of area.


1 rood =
10 890 sq ft
 40 sq rods (perches)
1 210 sq yds
1 568 000 sq in
0.0003906sq miles
10 120 000cm2
1 012m2
0.1012 hectares
10.12 ares

Did you know?

The word ‘rood’ is also an Old English term for the cross, especially with reference to the one on which Jesus Christ was crucified as in one of the oldest English poems, The Dream of the Rood.

Have you ever seen roods being used as a measure of area nowadays?





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