What is the cost of getting a driving licence in UK?

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Getting a driving licence is a kind of a modern rite of passage for the teenagers on the verge of adulthood.

It can be a costly endeavour, though, with the combined costs of driving lessons, tests and formalities often higher than the price of the new driver’s first car.

There are a few steps on the way to getting a driving licence:

Procedure for B category
Costs involved
Step 1
Applying for a provisional driving to DVLA (you are not allowed to take driving lessons without one!)
£35 online/ £45 by post
Step 2
Driving lessons
There are no rules on how many hours you should spend practicing on the road before taking a driving test. It is recommended that you should take at least 40 lessons (but it’s not a must if you feel well-prepared earlier). On average, the British opt for 50 hours of practice.
ca. £25/1h

total cost of 40 lessons: £1000
Step 3
Theory test
£23, not refundable if you don’t pass
Step 4
Practical driving test
£62 or£75 on bank, holidays and weekends, not refundable if you don’t pass
Step 5
Applying for a full driving licence after passing the test
Free or £17 if you wish to have a different photo than in your provisional driving licence
£ 1200*

* All these prices are for 2016/2017

Did you know?

1. Driving lessons and test prices vary depending on a category.

For example, motorcycle driving test costs £23 for the theory module, £15.50 for the off-road test and £75 for the on-road part. The prices are even higher if you want to become a lorry/bus/coach/minibus driver. You need to pass 4 CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) tests, whose combined cost equals £230 (on working days).

2. If you are not a new driver but need to get a new driving licence, the fees depend on the reason why you need a new one:

- getting the driving licence back after being disqualified for drink driving: £65 or £90 if you need a medical test;
- renewing expired driving licence: £14 online, £17 by post, £21.50 at the Post Office;
- replacing a stolen, lost or damaged driving licence: £20;
- changing name or address – free;
- changing your photo: £14 (online) or £17 (by post).

How much did you pay for getting your driving licence? How many lessons did you decide to take?

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Opinions - What is the cost of getting a driving licence in UK?


Opinions - What is the cost of getting a driving licence in UK?


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