What are the car registration fees in UK?

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If your car has never been registered with DVLA before, you will need to apply for a V5C logbook. This may happen if you buy a brand new, imported or very old car or if you build, rebuild or drastically alter a vehicle. If one of the above situations is your case, there are some formalities and a fee involved.

You will need to visit your local DVLA office as soon as you come into possession of an unregistered car. You will need to fill in the appropriate form and provide the documents which are needed in your particular case (you can find the detailed lists on DVLA website). Remember that the first registration of a vehicle involves a £55 fee (2017).

Did you know?

There are no fees when you inform DVLA that you have bought or sold a used car which already has its V5C logbook. The person who sells the car should notify DVLA of the transfer of ownership by completing appropriate sections of V5C and sending them by post to DVLA.

Recently, an online notification system has been launched. If you decide to notify DVLA via its website, the seller only needs to complete the section 10 (VPC/2), tear it off and give to the new owner as a proof of transaction. If the buyer wishes to give the seller his or her e-mail, they can do so and then both of them will receive a confirmation e-mail almost immediately.

Have you already used the new online notification system?

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Opinions - What are the car registration fees in UK?


Opinions - What are the car registration fees in UK?


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