Number plates’ size in UK

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In the United Kingdom, displaying number plates on motor vehicles has been mandatory since 1903.

Their design is a subject to special regulations. However, UK law specifies no exact dimensions of the registration plates.

A typical front plate for a car has the size of 520x111 mm and the rear plate: 520x111 mm, 285x203 mm or 533x152 mm.

Still, there are some mandatory features that all the number plates must have:

- The British Standard number: BS AU 145d;

- The name of the manufacturer;

- The plates must be made of reflective material;

- White background at the front;

- Yellow background at the back;

- Black numbers and letters in a standard font;

- Characters must have the dimensions of 79x50 mm (number 1 and letter I can be narrower);

- The thickness of the font must be 14 mm;

- The space between the characters and the margins at all sides of the plate must be 11 mm;

- The plates must contain the car’s age identification number.

Did you know?

1. The only cars in the UK that don’t need to display number plates are the Queen’s business cars.

2. The first two letters are the area code. The first one corresponds to the region of the UK (e.g. ‘E’ for Essex) while the second is the local DVLA office identifier.

3. You can order personalised number plates for extra charge.

Would you like to have personalised number plates?