1 perch: how many (square) rods, miles, yards, inches, centimetres, metres, kilometres and hectares is it?

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The perch, also known as the rod or the pole is one of the units of length in the Imperial System and the U.S. customary system.

 It is also used as a unit of area (square perch, square rod, square pole) and volume ([cubic] perch).

Perch (rod, pole)
0.0031 25 miles
5.5 yards
16.5 feet
198 inches

0.0050292 km
5.0292 m
502.92 cm


1/102 400
square miles
30.25  square yards
272.25 square feet
39204 square inches

0.000025 km2
25.2928 m
252928.53 cm2
0.00253 hectares
0.25 ares
24 670 ounces
154.2 gallons
1233 pints

0.7008 m3
700.08 liters

*Metric units rounded out

Did you know?

1. The perch was first standardised in England around the 14th century by the statute called The Composition of Yards and Perches.

2.  The rod sometimes gets confused with the rood. The rood is a unit of area (= 0.10 hectares / 1 012m2 / 10 890 sq ft) as well as an archaic English unit of length.

In fact, historically rod had the same meaning as rood. There are written records of the term rod was used interchangeably with rood.

3. The term “rod” has been more popular than “perch” since the 15th century. However, the word “perch” is still in use as a customary term.

What about you? Would you rather call the unit “rod” or “perch”?





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