The world's largest countries

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The largest country in the world is almost twice the size of the whole Europe and makes 11.5% of the whole land area on Earth.

It is populated by ca. 143,000,000 people, has a coastline of 37,653 km (23,396 mi) and stretches over 11 time zones! Moreover, it’s the 6th largest country throughout the world’s history (the biggest one used to be the British Empire, together with its colonies).

Do you know which country is that? To check your guess, have a look at the table below.

(To compare, Europe has the area of ca. 10,180,000 km2).

Area [square kilometres]
1. Russia
2. Canada
3. USA
4. China
5. Brazil
6. Australia
7. India
8. Argentina
9. Kazachstan
10. Algeria

Did you know?

As a contrast, what are the smallest countries in the world?

1. Vatican City: 0.44 km2
2. Monaco: 1.95 km2
3. Pitcairn Islands: 5km2
4. Gibraltar: 6 km2
5. Tokelau: 12 km2
6. Nauru: 21 km2
7. Tuvalu: 26 km2
8. Norfolk Island: 36 km2
9. Bermuda: 53 km2
10. San Marino: 61 km2

Have you heard of all of the above countries?

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Opinions - The world's largest countries


Opinions - The world's largest countries


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~ hennas 2023-01-19 10:34:23

i though highland in scotland may have made the list tbh

~ pcp 2021-07-23 05:33:13

Technically Scotland doesn't count because they abolished the use of counties, hence why Inverness shire is not on the list.

~ dcd 2021-07-04 17:15:54

What happened to Invernessshire? at 10,907 km2 it is the biggest. Argyllshire would be up there too. 8,055 km2. This seems...