Units and measurements

1 pascal: how many atmospheres, bar, hectopascals, torr?

The pascal, abbreviated to Pa, is a derived metric unit of pressure.

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you cook mushrooms?

Everyday classics such as English breakfast, pizza and risotto couldn’t do without mushrooms. Thanks to their distinctive,...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you bake potatoes?

Potatoes are delicate and delicious boiled but when baked, golden and crispy, they are simply irresistible.

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long should you bake a sponge cake?

A classic home-made sponge cake brings back childhood memories. It can be enjoyed solo, with a cup of coffee, laid with butter...

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Sizes and dimensions

How to measure foot, shoe, insole size?

WHO recommends that we should take 10,000 steps each day to maintain good health and fitness. That seems like a great number,...

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What is the cost of getting a driving licence in UK?

Getting a driving licence is a kind of a modern rite of passage for the teenagers on the verge of adulthood.

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you bake a pizza?

A staple student meal and popular party food, pizza comes in every size and taste. It can be easily adapted into vegetarian,...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you fry chicken?

Among various ways to prepare chicken, frying is renown for being a quick and easy way to achieve the crispy, golden crust...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you fry pork chops, chicken chops and meatballs?

What do you think of when you think ‘comfort foods’? Next to traditional pies and casseroles, chops and meatballs may...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you roast pork loin?

A pork roast can feed a crowd and fills the whole house with mouth-watering aroma, which makes it a perfect weekend dinner....

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