Nutrition and cuisine

How long do you fry fish?

Fried fish, with its trademark golden batter on the outside and juicy meat chunks inside, is a component of the classic,...

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Nutrition and cuisine

How to cook hot dog sausages?

Everyone has their favourite way of preparing hot dog sausages. Whether you prefer your hot dogs simmered, fried or microwaved,...

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Units and measurements

How much disk drive space does Windows 7 take?

As of August 2016, reports indicate that Windows 7 is currently the most popular operating system installed on personal desktop...

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How long does a flight from UK to Dubai take?

If you fancy both city breaks and luxurious, exotic holiday destinations, then Dubai is certainly the perfect place for you....

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Daily life matters

How much does getting a tattoo cost?

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? If you already have an image of your perfect motif in mind, you may now be wondering...

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Daily life matters

How much does a cubic meter of gas cost?

The average energy bills in UK households have been rising in the past years. Experts claim that increasing wholesale gas...

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Sizes and dimensions

UK children’s shoe size table

From your baby’s first booties to junior shoes, choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your little one is always a challenge....

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Daily life matters

How much energy does a TV use?

When television was first invented in the 20th century, little did anyone know, how great its impact on future generations...

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How many cities, towns, districts and counties are there in UK?

The administrative division of the United Kingdom is far from simple and straightforward.

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Units and measurements

How many: grams, decagrams, milligrams are there in a kilogram?

A kilogram or a kilogramme (British spelling) is a standard weight unit in the metric [SI] system. It is abbreviated to ‘kg’.

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